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Video – How Fish Hear

Not all fish have the same morphology. Fish can have as many as 3 systems for hearing.The lateral line is a line of nerves (neuromasts) that extend out of the side of the body of a fish. These nerves sense “particle motion” or the physical movement of the water.The swim bladder is comparable to the […]

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How Beluga Whales use Sound

The mysterious squeaks and whistles of beluga whales Presented by Lesley Evans Ogden SOURCE: BBC Earth A cacophony of squeaks, clicks and whistles erupts from the frigid waters of Cunningham Inlet in the Canadian Arctic. Though reminiscent of squeaky bath toys, these squeakers are very much alive. Swimming at the surface are hundreds of icy-white […]

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Listen to Ocean Sounds

Ocean Conservation Research Sound Library Since the end of “easy oil” the fossil fuel industries are driven ever deeper into offshore oil and gas deposits. The industry as a whole contributes a substantial amount of noise to the sea. Second only to shipping noise in ubiquity is the noise of seismic airgun surveys. The surveys […]

beluga whale

How Marine Animals use Sound

Fish, Mollusks and other Sea Animals’ use of Sound, and the Impact of Anthropogenic Noise in the Marine Acoustic Environment Michael Stocker -Michael Stocker Associates Web published at March 2, 2001 Many marine animals use sound and acoustic energy sensors to adapt to their environment. Most biological studies closely examine a particular species’ relationship […]

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What the Experts Say

In the dark ocean waters, marine mammals such as whales and dolphins rely on sound to communicate with each other, locate prey and find their way over long distances. All these activities – critical to their survival – are being interfered with, experts say, by the increasing levels of noise from ocean-going ship engines, sonar devices and seismic exploration. Climate change could make the noise problems for marine mammals even worse.

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