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The damage man-made sound can do in the oceans

Whales and dolphins have been killed by powerful naval sonars, the explosions of military exercises and the air-gun detonations of seismic surveys. In summer the sound of the sea drifts up to us from the srĂștha, where the mountain river, looping the strand, runs finally into the waves. What keeps the Irish word alive in […]


UNDERWATER NOISE IS HELL FOR OCEAN CREATURES. Noise is the stuff of nightmares. Constant noise over a period of time can drive people insane. Marine creatures are no different.  Sound is the currency of their world and the means of survival . Human created noise on top of the background sounds of waves, rain, wind […]

Michael Stocker Ocean Conservation Research

Ocean Conservation Research

Michael Stocker is an acoustician and naturalist by trade and a musician by avocation, he has written and spoken about bio-acoustics since 1992, presenting in national and regional hearings, national and international television, radio and news publications, and museums, schools, and universities. His understanding of both physics and biology has proven invaluable in court testimony […]

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Ocean Noise Pollution Blowing Holes in Squids’ Heads

Thousands of Humboldt squid died off the coast of Oregon in 2004 and hundreds again in 2008. The culprit was originally considered a shift in deep-sea currents, but a new study pinpoints the physical trauma noise pollution can inflict on cephalopods and raises new concerns over the incidents of squid strandings. Dolphins and whales and […]

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In February, 2014, Environment Minister Greg Hunt gave approval to the oil and gas industry streamlining the processes which previously required offshore petroleum and greenhouse gas activities to abide by regulations under both the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (OPGGS Act) […]

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Noise Letter to the World Heritage Convention

We, the undersigned, are marine scientists and non-governmental organisations, united in our concerns
over the failure of the Australian federal and Queensland governments to adequately address the impacts
of anthropogenic noise resulting from the current and projected resource industry development in the
Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (GBRWHA).

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The Great Silence

It’s deafening. In the past l5 months, AFA has written to every member of the Federal Parliament, every Senator and our Co-ordinator had a lengthy meeting with the Minister for the Environment last year outlining the impacts of underwater noise and the urgent need for regulations or legislation. Greg Hunt promised action on noise and […]