Ocean Aquaculture is quickly becoming a massive industry in response to diminishing wild fish stocks and increased global demand for fresh seafood.

Many techniques are employed to increase the efficiency of ocean fish farms, from modular deployment of nets to modified inputs and even altering the genetics of the farmed fish.

To wild ocean predators like seals and sea lions a fish farm is an irresistible source of food and to counter this loss of income, aquaculture companies use “Acoustic Harassment Devices”. AHD’s are machines that emit pulses of sound that are uncomfortable to marine animals, targeting animals that habitually raid fish farms.

Unfortunately, this targeting is inefficient and also has the effect of displacing other ocean animals that are sensitive to sound from their habitats.

Click here to hear a “Acoustic Harassment Device” in action. AHD_Airmar

aquaculture cage

Aquaculture Cage: Photo by NOAA Photo Library.