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It’s deafening. In the past 15 months, AFA has written to every member of the Federal Parliament, every Senator and our Co-ordinator had a lengthy meeting with the Minister for the Environment last year outlining the impacts of underwater noise and the urgent need for regulations or legislation.

Greg Hunt promised action on noise and although AFA provided him with an extensive backgrounder, nothing has transpired. Silence.

AFA has repeatedly called and emailed The Australian Institute which has established a reputation for exposing a great deal of mis-information the public is being fed by the media, government and the resource industry. In spite of providing extensive information, Silence.

AFA has contacted radio, TV, newspaper journalists repeatedly, providing backgrounders, contacts in the scientific community, research papers. Silence.

AFA’s co-ordinator has given presentations at major scientific conferences on the impacts of underwater noise and the appalling failure of the state and federal governments to deal with the issue by way of any regulation or legislation. Silence.

AFA has mounted a number of legal challenges in the US on the impacts of underwater noise. Our Co-ordinator lobbied the European Parliament and NATO on the impacts. Through her efforts in Europe, the European Parliament banned Low Frequency Sonar in European waters.

AFA provided an extensive submission to the World Heritage Secretariat and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on underwater noise impacts on the Reef. This submission was reviewed by a scientist with considerable expertise on noise.

AFA provided the California Coastal Commission with an extensive briefing on the impacts.
The charity has a considerable record on this major threat to the marine environment which deserves to be acknowledged, but we are living in times of great censorship which are a direct result of the influence of the resource industry over governments.

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